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Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Creating A+ Content for your listings is not only useful for specific products but for your brand overall. Your products will stand out among your competitors with rich text and images that help connect potential customers with your brand’s story.

1. Increase your conversion rate up to 3%-10%:

According to a study conducted by Amazon, the average conversion rate increase when utilizing an A+ Content description is 5.6%.

Say 10 out of every 100 people who visit your product listing convert. That means the conversion rate for your basic non-A+ listing is 10% (which is good, by the way). Switching to an A+ Content listing (and using the 5.6% average increase in conversions mentioned above) leads to a new conversion rate of 15.6%.

In other words, with A+ Content, you’re converting an extra five to six people out of every 100. That’s huge!

Higher conversion = More sales = Increased ranking (with the same amount of traffic)

These specialized Amazon product descriptions are great for your best-selling and higher-traffic products and will not necessarily be a quick fix for your slow-moving ASINs. It may help brand new listings convert better when accompanied by a good PPC strategy.

A higher converting listing combined with an optimized PPC campaign will result in a lower ACoS (Advertising cost of sale), a metrics that helps measure how efficient your campaigns are.

2. Reduce returns and negative reviews

A+ Content also gives you an opportunity to talk about your product in much greater detail, and adding images and infographics to your description will give customers a better understanding of what your product is, how it works, and how it will benefit them.

By providing these specific features, benefits, and specs of your product, you’re helping customers make more informed purchasing decisions, which hopefully will lead to fewer returns and negative reviews.

Pair it with a good review strategy, and you’ll hopefully be on your way to more positive reviews.

3. Show off your product in amazing detail with customizable modules

Amazon allows you to add many images and modules to your description that really help you stand out from the crowd. The 17 various module options (shown below in the “How to create your new A+ Content” section) allow you to show off your product from every angle possible.

This is a great time to get creative with your graphics to keep shoppers engaged in your content.

4. Tell your brand story

This type of specialized content gives you an opportunity to not only sell the customer on your product but on your brand as well. Grow brand awareness by educating customers on your products, your story, and why they should buy from you.

Coming across as a real brand that people can trust can help you build a loyal customer base to encourage repeat business.

5. Easier on the eyes

By creating Amazon product descriptions using A+ content, you’ll help consumers digest your listing details with its easy-to-read format and images, keeping them from scrolling too quickly through the information you’re using to convince them to buy.

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