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We are the best Amazon Sponsored Ads management corporation in the industry. It’s the best choice for brands who want to sell (and grow) on Amazon because eGreen Revolution has more than 80000+ hours of experience managing Amazon PPC campaigns and more than 100 campaigns that have been run. 

As a full-service Amazon Advertising Agency, we can help you set realistic goals, set up a proven-to-work strategy, and work hard to get the best ROI and cut down on ACOS. Not only do our ads get people to see them and bring in more traffic, but they are also cleverly designed to make more sales and conversions.

This is our (secret) formula for making more-profitable campaigns with low ACOs. Partner with a top Amazon marketing company and see sales and growth that make you want to dance.


  • No guesswork: When we take care of your Amazon Product Ads, there’s no room for hunches! When you make even a small change to your Amazon Sponsored Product Ad campaigns, you can trust that it’s based on real data and has worked before.

  • When technology and expertise come together, you get the best of both worlds! We are more efficient and profitable when we use top-notch PPC management tools and have the help of our experts to do it.
  • People who care about getting the most out of their money For us, metrics and stats are important, and they are the most important thing. Everything we do, from coming up with a strategy and building a campaign to optimising and maintaining it, is done with the goal of making money in mind.


Amazon has doubled down on its advertising business the past few years. Paid placements on the marketplace have increased exponentially and often all “above-the-fold” search results are paid placements. Your competitors are certainly advertising both in search results and on your product pages and, if you are not, your market share will erode over time. If your goals include growing your Amazon business, advertising is a must.

There are a number of reports available that measure several KPIs useful for tracking progress toward advertising goals. Buy Box Experts uses advanced software to organize and visualize that data and watch trends over time, so you understand what it all means, and how to act on it.

For most brands, we recommend a $5K monthly budget for Sponsored Advertising (for products sold on Amazon). If you are an Amazon seller ready to expand into DSP (or are a non-endemic advertiser whose only option is DSP) we recommend $10K/month to properly leverage the platform.

No. Because Amazon is the number one marketplace in the U.S and attracts a wide variety of consumers, there are ways we can leverage their shopper data for almost any industry, whether or not you sell on Amazon.

Done well, and when coupled with listing conversion rate optimization, effective advertising can dramatically increase traffic and conversions. Beyond that, a lot of performance metrics on the platform depend on advertising, and it’s difficult to succeed in, say, SEO for instance, without a complimentary ad campaign.

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